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el·e·gant  /ˈeləɡənt/


  1. pleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance or manner
  2. marked by elegance
  3. of a high grade or quality
Elegant Outdoor Designs, Inc is a landscape designer and builder. We create stylish, well-designed outdoor living experiences that enhance the use, enjoyment, and value of your property.
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 Landscape Design Drawing


We collaboratively create landscapes. Our designs minimize environmental impact, reduce waste, optimize land utilization, and maximize enjoyment and property value.
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Elegant Outdoor Designs Landscape Build & Installation

Build & Installation

Residential. Corporate/commercial. Institutional. Governmental. Parks and recreation. Elegant Outdoor Designs is well equipped to build and install any landscape design. No matter its size or complexity. Whether we created it or not.
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Landscape Construction Management

Construction Management

We provide end-to-end construction management services. They minimize or eliminates the emotions and stress property owners often experience during a landscaping project.
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Elegant Outdoor Designs Snow Removal Services

Snow Removal

Clear, remove and manage snow and ice. Our fleet of trucks, skid steer loaders, snowblowers, and shovels are prepared and ready to do just that.  Our customized, proactive services ensure your property's surfaces are safe and easy to travel.
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Our Videos

The quality of communication as well as the quality of the project plan was so well revealed and executed. Brian was a pleasure to work with and did an excellent job of communicating the steps that he and his crew took.
I could not be happier with the new view of the wetlands behind my house and also that I went with Elegant Outdoor Designs. I highly recommend contacting them.
Lise A.
I would definitely recommend Elegant Outdoor Designs for your next project. Everyone is professional and courteous. They respect any budget and give you the vision of what it's going to look like.
John G.