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  2. the way that something happens and how it makes you feel
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Who we are

Elegant Outdoor Designs is on a mission to beautify landscapes, protect and nurture nature, and be good stewards of the environment. We believe in creating high-quality, unique outdoor living experiences inspired by and custom-tailored for your lifestyle and treating our clients and employees with respect and kindness.

Our Story

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  • 1997
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  • 03/2019
  • Purchases Property at 220 Keyes in Hampshire, Illinois

    Purchases Building in Hampshire, IL

    As Elegant Outdoor Design’s business grew to the suburbs, Brian decided to establish a new headquarters location by purchasing a long-vacant building and property at 220 Keyes Avenue in Hampshire, Illinois.

  • Upgrades Its Corporate Identity

    Changes Corporate Identity
  • Our Journey Begins

    Our Beginning

    In 1997, at the age of 12, Brian Awad was struggling in school. Students constantly bullied him, and learning was difficult. Testing revealed he had a learning disability requiring special education classes.

    As a hands-on learner with a passion for nature and the environment, Brian decided to create a lawn maintenance company, A1 Landscaping. By the time he launched his business, he had acquired 18 lawns to mow weekly.

    His lawn maintenance business helped him focus on schoolwork and build self-esteem. It also gave him a purpose in life and a successful career.

  • Our First Truck

    Our First Truck

    At age 16, Brian Awad enrolled in Fremd High School’s cooperative education program. In the morning, he expanded his trades knowledge and skills by building homes. In the afternoon, he applied those new skills in his business, which he had grown to the point of being able to purchase his first truck and trailer along with more landscaping equipment.

  • Brian Graduates from High School

    First uniform

    By his senior school year, Brian Awad earned over $100,000 annually performing lawn maintenance and snow removal and building some landscaping projects; had two part-time employees; and those students who were bullying him were now asking for employment.

  • Brian Takes a Sabbatical

    Sells Company

    A1 Landscaping was a successful business, but Brian experienced a series of life-changing events that caused him to sell the company and work for someone else for a while.

    From 2012 to 2015, Brian gained invaluable on-the-job knowledge about different software, landscaping techniques, and other skills while working for a large national lawn maintenance company and a sizeable Chicago-based landscaper. He became a Certified Lawn Sales Representative and worked as a Project Manager and Sales/Design rep.

  • We’re Back

    We're Back

    Brian Awad’s experiences working for other companies in the industry reignited his love and passion for designing, building, and maintaining outdoor living experiences. With his new knowledge and a “work smarter, not harder” mantra, Brian launched Awad Landscaping & Design.

  • Purchases Grove Landscaping

    Grove Landscaping Purchase

    Awad Landscaping & Design purchases Grove Landscaping to expand their clientele base.

  • Official Garden Builder for the Chicago Flower & Garden Show

    Official Garden Builder

    In a short period of time, Awad Landscaping & Design earned a reputation for designing, building, and maintaining high-quality outdoor living experiences in Chicago. We were invited to participate in the Chicago Flower & Garden Show as an Official Garden Builder. Unilock and a few other companies sponsored our 3000 sq. ft space.

  • Changes Company Name

    Company Name Change

    As Brian merged Grove Landscaping into Awad Landscaping & Design, he decided to change its name to reflect better what the company does.

Our Beliefs Set Us Apart

Trust through Transparent Communication

We pride ourselves on building trust by continuously communicating, internally and externally, with frankness, honesty, and respect. Communication starts by listening, comprehending different viewpoints, and caring about others’ success.

Knowledge through Curiosity

We encourage curiosity, seeking out knowledge, nurturing it, and sharing it with others. That’s how we’ll become leaders.

Dedicated to Perfection

Every client we interact with, and every project we work on, we chase perfection through meticulous attention to detail. A perfect interaction and project include providing outstanding customer service and an impeccable landscape — leading to a happy client, which furthers our success.

Environmental Stewardship

We are committed to responsibly using and protecting the environment through conservation and sustainable practices. These practices include using technology to minimize fuel consumption, utilizing alternative fuels, reducing noise pollution, and reusing materials when possible to minimize waste.

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