Brian Awad, Owner & Chief Architect
Brian Awad
Owner & Designer
I love inspiring others and challenging their minds to think outside the box, whether it's working with customers to our staff members.

Self-starter. Driven. A hands-on learner with a thirst for knowledge. Passionate. Imaginative problem-solver. Friendly, kind, and compassionate. Family-oriented.

These traits describe Brian Awad to a tee.

He put them to use at age 12 when he started his lawn maintenance business. He's honed them over the past 23 years as he grew it into a highly-successful, multi-dimensional landscape contractor.

Brian is married to Michelle Awad. They are dog parents to Kenzie, a beautiful German Shepherd.

Brian's compassion came to the fore recently. He found a stray dog along the side of the road while returning home from work. After rescuing her, he trained her and found her a wonderful forever home.

When not working, Brian enjoys building model cars or trucks, relaxing in his backyard or by the water, and spending time with his family.

Additionally, he works with special education students at Rolling Meadows High School. He has participated in their job fairs. Given mentoring speeches. Helped design their greenhouse. And, involved students in some of Elegant Outdoor Designs' projects like the Chicago Flower and Garden show. Furthermore, he has brainstormed ideas for creating an internship program with the school's faculty.

He'd liked the opportunity to help other local schools and work with their students and programs.

What sparked your interest in a career in the landscaping industry?
Landscaping allowed me to merge my passion for nature and the environment with my imagination to solve property owners' problems. It has allowed me to make the impossible possible — creatively.
Who helped you along your business journey?
David Swanson, President of DLS Landscaping, Inc., gave me just enough right information to help my business grow.
What's the most inspiring part of your job?
Our clients' reactions when we bring their dreams to reality, how we can enhance the beauty of their nature, and stir their senses.
What is your favorite plant, shrub, and tree, and why?

I love Redbud trees. In full bloom, their pink coloring is beautiful and the magnificent aroma is relaxing. Together, they'll make you smile when you're having a bad day.

Maples provide excellent shade and an abundance of vibrant fall colors.

'Summer Crush' Hydrangeas' pink flowers have a hint of white. They look amazing against any property.

I also love Astilbe and Liriope for their unique textures and colors when they bloom; their fall colors are impressive as well.

What are your landscaping pet peeves?
  1. Unorganized beds.
  2. Not taking advantage of dead space to maximize the aesthetics and functionality of your property.
  3. Improper brick or paver installations.
What are your top 5 landscaping tips?
  1. Whether you are considering beautifying your property all at once or doing it in stages, hire a professional to design your landscape. Doing so ensures you're meeting your goals, maximizing its potential, and it's orderly, aesthetically pleasing, functional, and sustainable. Landscape design is a roadmap to success for an increased property value.
  2. It's not essential to implement your landscape design all at one time. It can be done in stages as time and money permits until you reach your end goal.
  3. Install a smart irrigation system, or soaker hoses to a timer, to ensure you are on top of your best watering practices.
  4. To ensure the health and longevity of your landscaping investment, hire a company, like TruGreen or Scotts, to fertilize your plants, shrubs, and trees and spray them for insect and disease control.
  5. Hire Elegant Outdoor Design regularly to perform general upkeep maintenance to ensure everything is thriving and well-maintained.