Equipment Rentals

Use our equipment for your project
Equipment rental is a unique feature of Elegant Outdoor Designs. We can provide the muscle for your next big, do-it-yourself projects. Rent our skid steer, mini-excavator, and dump trailers for a day or a weekend.

Our Equipment

Skid Steer Loader

Our Caterpillar 262D skid steer loader has two attachments available.

  • 0.47 cubic yard bucket: great for grading or moving large amounts of dirt, stone, or mulch
  • Pallet forks: excellent for lifting and moving pallets of pavers or heavy objects

It's capable of lifting and moving up to 2700 lbs. The maximum lift height is 7 feet.

Equipment Rental: Skid Steer Loader

Mini Excavator

Our Caterpillar 301.7 mini excavator is ideal for digging trenches and holes up to 7 feet deep and removing shrub roots and small tree stumps. It has a lift capacity of about 1800 lbs. There is a narrow and wide bucket available.
Equipment Rental: Mini Excavator

Low Profile Extra Wide Dump Trailer

We have two BigTex 14LX dump trailers. They are 83" wide x 14' long with a 45-degree dump. They're excellent for hauling raw materials, junk, and debris. The rear split doors make it easy to load and unload the trailer. The trailers have tail lights and an adjustable EZ Latch DEMCO coupler if you have a pick-up truck.
Dump Trailer

Equipment rental for your next project?


Our Equipment Rental Rules

Coming Soon. In the meantime contact us at office@elegantoutdoordesigncom.