Construction Management

Ensuring Your Project is On Time, On Budget & High Quality

Elegant Outdoor Designs provides end-to-end construction management services. Our services minimize or eliminate the emotions and stress property owners often experience during a landscaping project. They ensure that your project is successful by being on time, on budget, and of high-quality — and you being happy with the finished product.

Our construction management services are standard for landscape projects we design and install. However, they're available to property owners seeking an independent 3-party advocate or contractors who may need assistance.


Facilitating Project Success

Buildertrend is our simple online project communication system. It makes it possible to access every aspect of your project using any computer, tablet, or smartphone. You'll find everything from initial consultation notes and photos to threaded discussions to design drawings to project pricing, contracts, change orders, and scheduling, and more.  You'll receive our invoices and make payments here, as well.
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An easy portal to use that keeps track of the project — constant communication and pictures of the project.
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The online portal for showing progress, scheduling, and so on is easy and convenient!
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Brian also was able to do everything online through an amazing portal all communications are through this online portal.
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Our Services

Landscape Inspection

People hire inspectors to check the condition and health of a building's structure and mechanical systems before purchasing it. Doing this ascertains if there are any significant issues they will be taking on. Since the landscape has a considerable impact on a property's value, a prospective buyer should have it inspected as well.

Elegant Outdoor Designs can conduct a detailed and in-depth inspection of a property's landscape. Our inspections determine if there are hardscape, lighting, or irrigation issues. They also check the health and well-being of the grass, plants, shrubs, and trees.

Landscape Inspection

Design & Budget Evaluation

No matter your property type, your landscape design needs to embrace nature predictably while minimizing its impact on the environment and maximizing its ROI. However, you may not know how to determine if a proposed design fits the aesthetic and functional qualities best suited for the property and the project.

Elegant Outdoor Designs' landscape architects and designers can help you select the appropriate design by reviewing submitted proposals and providing an unbiased appraisal of the program's benefits. Additionally, we can analyze the proposed budget to determine if it is adequate and realistic.

Construction Management - Design and Budget Evaluation


Landscape projects come in a variety of sizes and complexities. The larger the project, the more complexities and moving pieces are involved. Envisioning all of the steps involved and ensuring everyone is on the same page and in sync can be difficult and highly stressful for the property owner.

Elegant Outdoor Designs' construction management team eliminates the stress and worry. We do this by mapping out all of the project's phases and developing highly-detailed plans, timelines, and budgets. Then, when weather interrupts, make modifications to keep the project moving forward.

Construction Management Implementation

General Supervision

As a property owner, you have a lot of duties and responsibilities that may not allow you to 100% focus on your landscaping project. Additionally, you may not be aware of all the regulatory agencies you have to interact with to get your project completed.

Elegant Outdoor Designs acts as your general contractor or site supervisor. We work with the architect/designer and subcontractors. Secure the required permits and equipment. Mark the job site. Deal with problems and develop workarounds. Eliminate potential site safety issues, and ensure the work meets the highest quality standards.

Construction Management General Supervision

Need help managing your landscape project?

Installation Verification

You've made a significant investment in your property by installing new landscaping, so you want to make sure you got what you paid for.

Elegant Outdoor Designs will audit the project to ensure you received what the design plan stated. We'll inspect the quality of the work performed to certify the grass, plants, shrubs, and trees are correctly installed to maintain their health and beauty long-term.

Installation Verification

Warranty Inspection

Most builders and landscapers provide a limited-time warranty that covers defects with workmanship and materials, including plants, shrubs, and trees.

Elegant Outdoor Designs can conduct a thorough, unbiased inspection of your landscaping project's elements to determine if there are any issues and get them corrected before the warranty expires.

Warranty Inspection

Public Testimony

Are you dealing with issues about your landscape design before a governmental body or a legal matter?

Elegant Outdoor Designs may advise you, provide reports, and present expert witness testimony on the design and implementation of all landscaping elements, including design, drainage, erosion control, fencing, hardscapes, irrigation, lighting, plants, shrubs, trees, site safety, and more.

Public Testimony