Landscape Design

Creating your outdoor living experience

/ ˈwɛldɪˈzaɪnd /


artistically or skillfully planned, especially for a particular purpose

Elegant Outdoor Designs collaboratively creates landscapes that minimize environmental impact, reduce waste, optimize land utilization, and maximize the enjoyment and property value.

Whether you’re creating a new outdoor living experience or renovating an existing space, be it a residential, commercial, institutional, governmental property, or a park, playground, or recreational center our designs will make it a beautiful, relaxing center of attraction that stimulates all of the senses.

beautiful ...

Their 3D design was beautiful, and it allowed me to see the vision.
Jen C.

dramatic ...

Brian offered some pretty dramatic design suggestions I never considered.
Joseph C.

fantastic ...

Brian came out to discuss a design plan, and the 3D design was fantastic.
Chad K.

Our Design Philosophy

A well-designed outdoor living space should be inspiring and relaxing, envelop your senses, and connects its inhabitants with nature. It should entice usage, enhance enjoyment and livability, endure for years, and add value to your property and community.

Our Design Process

Upon client hiring Elegant Outdoor Designs, we implement the following design process.

Research & Analysis

We learn your wants and needs for your outdoor living experience by walking your property, taking photos of its current condition, reviewing the plat of survey, and digesting your responses to our site amenity questionnaire. We can also conduct full-scale visibility and site analyses and a plant, shrub, and tree inventory.


Based on your budget and the information gathered and provided, we discuss and sketch design possibilities. We present you with a 2D drawing and material list for review. After any design changes and your approval, we develop a 3D model and provide you with a final approval design video.

Construction Documents

Upon your preliminary design approval, we create the construction documentation. These drawings and specifications convey the plans and details for grading, hardscape layout and materials, construction details for pergolas, outdoor kitchens, and alike, irrigation, lighting, plantings, and other amenities. They are used to obtain bids and permits, as well.

Plan Implementation

We start by defining project phases, locating utilities, marking property work areas, installing protective barriers, and removing grass, soil, and vegetation that will not stay. Next, we construct hardscapes and physical elements. Install irrigation and lighting. Put in the grass, plants, shrubs, and trees. Finally, clean up.

Project Evaluation

Upon completing the building and installation, we walk the property with you reviewing the work performed and determining your level of satisfaction with our performance. Does the final product meet or exceed your expectations? Completed on time? Within budget? We also do an internal review asking the same questions and more.

Our Design Services

Visibility & Site Analysis

What's your property's sun exposure? Does the wind blow in a predominant direction? What's the topography and soil condition? Do you have paths, walkways, streets, or parking lots on or around it? Are there pleasant or unpleasant views? What types of structures sit on the property? What issues does the property have?

The Elegant Outdoor Designs team will study your property and produce a drawing of your property's current condition. This information provides the knowledge required to start the design process to create a master plan.

Landscape Site Analysis

Plant, Shrub & Tree Inventory

Knowing the species, size, quantity, health, and location of plants, shrubs, and trees you have on your property is a good start for any project. It helps determine your property's safety level, gives you the ability to make data-driven decisions, aids in establishing short- and long-term landscape investments, and provides guidance on new plantings.

Our landscape experts will conduct a 360-degree, ground-based visual inspection of your property, take measurements and photos, and develop a graphical or tabular report detailing your property's current condition.

Plant Shrub Tree Inventory

Site & Amenity Space Design Plans

Property lines. Elements. Structures. Placement. Proportion.

Whether you're developing a new property and need a long-term master plan, designing a segment of your property, or enhancing an existing landscape to fit your lifestyle better, these are the components of an innovative Elegant Outdoor Designs' 3D site and amenity plan.

Our landscape architect and designers collaboratively work with you to provide a visual road map that minimizes environmental impact and maximizes usage, enjoyment, and value. It includes the elements and structures you have and want impeccably placed within your property lines in the appropriate proportion.

Landscape Site Plans

Need help designing your landscape?

Urban Design

No matter if it's live, work, or play, Americans want to be closer to nature and green space because it promotes physical and emotional well-being. For communities incorporating a green infrastructure as a structural building block reduces flooding by managing stormwater runoff, promotes water conservation, mitigates heat islands and pollution, boosts the economy, and saves money.

Whether you're creating a new urban or suburban community or reimaging one, Elegant Outdoor Designs can develop a green space ecosystem that connects people with nature, complements building architecture, is adaptive and human-scaled, and contextually fits its location.

Urban landscaping Design

Land Development

Turning a blank tract of land into an estate, corporate center/industrial park, or subdivision alters the landscape and the natural habitat for animals, birds, and insects. Federal, state, and local governmental entities regulate many of these alterations.

Elegant Outdoor Designs can conduct analyses of the land and landscape and feasibility studies, develop master plans that minimize the impact on the natural habitat while maximizing your return-on-investment, and provide guidance throughout the approval process.

Land Development

Ecological & Environmental Planning

Nature isn't just grasses, plants, shrubs, and trees. It includes animals, birds, and insects. The environment's ecosystem is finely balanced when disturbed during the construction of buildings, homes, driveways, and roadways; it's forever altered.

When developing your property, Elegant Outdoor Designs' design team can help you plan your project and the final product so that it preserves and maintains the natural environment while being practical, healthy, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Ecological Environmental Planning

Heritage Conservation & Preservation

Communities deem some buildings and structures to have cultural or historical value requiring preservation. They can also designate landscapes, landforms, and views to be artifacts for conservation when adding or modifying a home, building, walkway, driveway, or road on the property.

By engaging Elegant Outdoor Designs during the project's planning stages, we can help you identify, assess, document, and mitigate impacts to heritage resources leading to a faster approval process.

Heritage Conservation & Preservation