Landscape Maintenance

Keeping your landscape healthy and thriving

Elegant Outdoor Designs' landscape maintenance services protect your property's first and lasting impression. Keeping it healthy, clean, safe, and attractive. We safeguard your landscape investment by ensuring it can adapt to everything Mother Nature throws its way.

We can develop and implement a maintenance strategy for your property that fosters growth, retains its curb appeal, and returns a dividend annually well into the future. Hiring our landscape maintenance team saves you precious time and energy that you can devote to something or someone else you care about.

reasonable price ...

Elegant gave me an estimate for a tree removal ... price was reasonable ... a great and clean job ... would definitely recommend them to friends and family.
Nathan S.

magnificent job ...

For our fall cleanup, Elegant did a magnificent job … they honored our special request … we will consider using them now for bi-annual cleanups and other services.
Lauren F.

happy ...

A foot of leaves were on the ground. I called Brian at Elegant, and he was out the next day. He and his crew were excellent and quick to respond. My clients couldn't be happier.
Jason M.

Our Services

Spring Cleanup

Snow has melted. The sun is out. Bulbs are blooming. Trees are budding. Spring has arrived.

It's time to get your plants, shrubs, and trees off to a good start so they can properly bloom and thrive during the season. Our team performs the following for you.

Clean up any leaves that have blown onto your property over the winter, along with general property cleanup. Cut down required plants like perennials and ornamental grasses that need it, and deadhead Hydrangeas. Edge your planting beds and pull weeds. And, spread mulch, if requested by the property.

Landscape Maintenance: Spring Cleanup

Fall Cleanup

The temperature begins to drop. Days are getting shorter. Leaves change color and fall to the ground. Fall is upon us.

It's time to prepare your property for cold and snow so your vegetation survives the winter. Our team performs the following for you.

Clean up and remove the piles of leaves from your planting beds and property. Conduct general property clean up. Prune bushes as needed. Cut down perennials like Hostas, Lilies, and Sedums while leaving Hydrangeas and ornamental grasses to spring.

Landscape Maintenance: Fall Cleanup

Need help maintaining your landscape?

Storm Cleanup

Lightning strikes. Strong straight-line winds. Tornados. Ice. No matter the season, storms can damage and uproot your trees.

Our team is on call to prune damaged trees to help them survive or cut them down entirely if damaged beyond repair with our battery-powered chainsaws to reduce noise pollution. We'll clean up the debris and repair your property where necessary.

Landscaping Storm Cleanup

Tree Care

Trees are a significant component of any landscape. A fully grown tree's average cost is about $250 with a range between $100 and $500 depending on the tree caliper and variety.

A tree’s average lifespan is 50 to over 100 years, depending on the variety. However, they can become unruly and unhealthy without proper care, causing them to be susceptible to damage from storms or die before expected.

Our tree care specialists can prune your trees to help them maintain or improve their structure, appearance, and vitality.

Tree Care

Irrigation System Care

Due to its price and scarcity, water is a precious commodity. So, having a well-maintained and water-efficient irrigation system is essential. Not only for your pocketbook, but your landscape's health.

Our irrigation specialists will check your irrigation system twice per year to keep it running efficiently and reduce wasted water and pollution.

We'll turn on and tune up the system by adjusting sprinkler heads, replacing non-working heads, and fixing blocked or broken lines in the spring. In the fall, we'll winterize the system by turning it off and blowing out the lines to eliminate any freezing and damage to the system.

Landscape Irrigation System Care